Fox News Host, Laura Ingraham, Loses It On Live TV, Demands Democrats Apologize

As Americans, we’re all very well aware of the heinous role Fox News plays in perpetuating Trump’s immoral and dishonest reign. Hosts like Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham do a great disservice to our nation by spreading the lies and hate that the current administration uses to promote their disgusting agenda. Well, today was no different (and why should we expect it to be?)!!!

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Fox News host Laura Ingraham did the impossible this Saturday. She actually managed to brag about an apology, an apology she had made to a Parkland shooting survivor while lashing out against Democrats for not facing the same kind of pressure to apologize for their actions.

During a heated conversation with panelists, including Fox News media analyst Howard Kurtz, Ingraham suggested that conservatives are forced to publicly apologize through “threats and intimidation” while dissecting Time Magazine’s use of a controversial photo for its latest cover.

“Many of us in the business assumed that [the girl in the photo] had been separated from her mother but once that proved to be flat-out false, Time’s editors should have had the candor and the common decency to say ‘we were wrong, we made a mistake, we regret it,’ not ‘oh you know, it’s perfectly fine because it’s a metaphor,’ ” Kurtz said, summing up Time’s statement on the use of the photo.

“Well, when we conservatives make mistakes, we are driven through threats and intimidation, and we apologize,” Ingraham responded.

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“Like I’m not perfect, and I’ve made mistakes on air. And you apologize. Like, ‘you know, I shouldn’t have said that.’ When you’re on the air as much as I am, you’re going to say stuff where you’re [later] like ‘oh, I was tired, or whatever.’ ”

“[But] when they screwed this up,” she continued, “I’ve got to tell you, it goes right to the core of what so many of us know about the border that goes unreported. Selective reporting by the media. They’ll report one series of sad stories, but completely ignore the chaos and the carnage on the other side of the immigration debate.”

Ingrahm’s behavior is childish and it’s sickening to see someone with the ability to influence, act so irrationally.



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