REPORT: The King Of The Netherlands Just Openly Promised To Imprison Trump

As has been proven, the Trump administration isn’t qualified to run the nation but we do have to give them credit, however, for their uncanny ability to lower the bar, really lower it, like lower than the bar has ever been.

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Trump and his loyal band of scumbags decided to punish immigrants seeking asylum this week by enforcing a “zero-tolerance” policy which ripped children from their parent’s arms, an act so deplorable that it has been compared to Japanese internment camps.

Following the aftermath of 2000 children being stranded in a country they’ve never known, Trump attempted to save his reputation by signing an Executive Order which reversed his own policy, but it was too late.

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Washington practically united under one banner to end the heinous practice, with every living First Lady Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Rosalynn Carter, Laura Bush and even Melania Trump coming together to oppose it.

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The international community was especially outspoken in its opposition to Trump’s human right violations, including Willem-Alexander Claus George Ferdinand, King of the Netherlands, who shared an open threat to the president.

“Dear mister Trump. You see this beautiful building? It’s the International Court of Justice in Our residency The Hague, the Netherlands. It’s waiting for you. It might take a while. But it’s waiting.”

Unfortunately for Donald Trump actions have consequences and he won’t ever be able to wipe his record clean, it will go down in American history. As for all the immigrant children stranded in America tonight our hearts go out to you, we hope that you grow up to be politicians and you remember the evil that ripped you out of your parent’s arms and I hope you fight harder than we did to prevent it from ever happening again.




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