Trump Degrades Protesters With Sexist Remarks During Live Rally

If President Trump were to spend one-day in office actually acting like a president, I’m almost certain that pigs would begin to fly and I would start sneezing with my eyes open.

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Protesters made their presence known at President Trump’s rally in Minnesota this Wednesday evening, causing the president to poke fun at one individual’s appearance.

The two activists interrupted the event minutes apart from each other as the president ranted about illegal immigration. Trump denounced the protesters, instructing them to “go home” and “say hello to Mommy.”

“Was that a man or a woman? Because he needs a haircut more than I do,” Trump joked as the second protester was forced out of the building.

“I couldn’t tell,” Trump added. “Needs a haircut.”

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The crowd made up entirely of Trump loyalists roared loudly before breaking into a “USA” chant.

The president then continued his attack on Democrats and the media, blaming each for the nation’s immigration problems.

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Wednesday evening’s rally followed just hours after Trump signed an executive order to keep detained families together. The decision was a shocking reversal after the president and his administration spent weeks claiming they would not address the policy of separating families.

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The event took place in Duluth, Minnesota where Trump appeared to rally support for Peter Stauber, a county commissioner, and a retired police officer, who is running to represent the congressional district which contains Duluth.

After dragging Stauber on stage for a brief comment, the president stormed into his usual list of talking points. He boasted the economy, lashed out against Democrats for having lenient positions on immigration and bragged about the results of his summit last week with North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un.

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