Democratic Representative, Joseph Kennedy, Just Did It, Hit Trump With Devastating Statement

Democratic Representative Joseph Kennedy stepped up to the plate on Sunday in a stand against President Trump’s “betrayal of American values” as the administration’s “zero tolerance” policy continues to separate migrant children from their parents as punishment.

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“My family, on both sides — this is how we came to this country,” Kennedy informed the Boston Globe. “It was extreme poverty and famine and a government that was unwilling to address the needs of its people.”

The Democrat also replied to the president’s false claims that the left is to blame for the heinous policy.

“Look, it’s just flatly untrue,” Kennedy explained to the publication regarding the president’s claim. “The president of the United States is clearly uncomfortable that the American public understands that as a result of his policies that children are being ripped from their parents’ arms. And he’s doing this as punishment for parents trying to seek a better life for their children. It’s hard for me to understand a worse betrayal of American values than that.”

Trump explained to reporters this past Friday that he disliked “the children being taken away,” continuing on to say that “the Democrats have to change their law.”

Trump dug his feet into those claims on Monday in a fury of tweets in which called upon Congress to change the laws and end the vicious practice.

However, the policy is not a law, it is a directive set in place by his administration.

In another barrage of tweets, Trump attempted to justify the strategy by claiming that criminals are using children in a Trojan horse–style operation to cross the U.S. border.

Kennedy joined the protest on Sunday at the Texas border in hopes of dismantling the “zero tolerance” policy.



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