JUST IN: Americans Outraged After Donald Trump Busted In Massive Lie

President Trump is using immigrant children as pawns in a demented political chess game against the Democrats. Trump wants to build his “wall” he wants the glory of fulfilling yet another campaign promise and he will enforce whatever evil he has to, to achieve his goals.

In a sane America, a strategy like this would fall flat on its face and be laughed out of Congress, however, last year we handed a former reality TV star the nuclear codes after an army of deluded supporters elected him to lead the free world…so we can’t really claim sanity anymore.

In fact, the GOP is so powerful right now, that they aren’t even denying the pure evil they are inflicting upon immigrants families. If you were to paraphrase their response you would get something like “It’s evil and it doesn’t work but at least we’re doing something other than golfing.”

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Even First Lady Melania Trump (who were not sure even exists anymore, since no one has seen her in months) supposedly thinks that the policy is a human rights violation.

“Mrs. Trump hates to see children separated from their families and hopes both sides of the aisle can finally come together to achieve successful immigration reform. She believes we need to be a country that follows all laws, but also a country that governs with heart,” Stephanie Grisham, the first lady’s communications director, said in a statement.’

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So basically everyone in the Trump administration believes that ripping children out of their parent’s arms as a form of punishment is cruel and unusual, and yet they won’t stop doing it, they won’t sit down to discuss the idea, instead, they say “talk to the Democrats.”

How about you talk to the Democrats because that’s the job you signed up for.

Here’s what America thinks:






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