Ana Navarro Just Took Trump Out At The Knees, Exposes Corrupt Trump-Putin Connection

“Disgustingly obvious,” is an incredibly apt assessment of the relationship between Donald Trump and Russia, specifically Vladimir Putin. Even though he’s beyond guilty of collusion, amongst other things, Trump should distance himself from everything that’s Russian-related, right? Well, it seems as though Putin may be threatening to finally release that salacious blackmail he has on Trump, because Donald is suggesting Russia be allowed back in the G-7 summit.

Such was the speculation after Trump’s suspicious statement about Russia this week. Truly, a more blatant attempt at public corruption has never before been seen.

As you could imagine, it didn’t take long before Twitter was full of people venting their frustrations with Trump. One of the louder voices on the popular social media outlet, is famous anti-Trump political analyst, Ana Navarro.

Navarro, on Trump’s statement about Russia and the G-7 summit, wrote, “The Russians have got to have something on Trump. What it is, we can only speculate. But there has got to be some kompromat there. Only way all this makes sense.”

She’s absolutely right. Only time will tell what Putin actually has on Trump, but chances are it’s devastating. What do YOU think it is? How do YOU think Trump will respond to his critics?

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